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I want to rent without limit of kilometers? how do i proceed?

In order to be able to benefit from the rental without the limit of kilometers, the minimum period for domestic use in Romania must be at least 4 days.

Where is the location where the car is picked up from?

The car picks up from the Baneasa Mall Complex, the Brico Depot parking lot in Bucharest-Otopeni.

Can i pay online with banking card?

Yes, with one exception. Online payment is available only to legal entities. Use the online form on the first page of the website, following the reservation steps.

In the case of natural persons, online payment can be made upon request only after completing the online reservation form, requesting by phone one of our operators to send the online payment link to your email.

Can i pay with credit card at pos when i pick up the car?

Yes. It can be paid with a bank card when picking up the van.

Can i reserve by phone?
Additional details of any nature are provided by telephone, but to confirm your reservation, you need to follow the steps in the booking form.
How much does the warranty cost me?

A guarantee is requested as follows: 300 euros locally in Bucharest/Ilfov and entire Romania and between 400-600 euros internationally depending on the destination. To find out the exact rental pricing, please go through the online reservation form.

The van can be deliver to my location?
Yes. We can deliver to any address in Bucharest.
We are a company and we want to pay by the bank transfer

Yes. You can also pay by bank transfer by filling out the online booking form. At the communicated e-mail address you will receive the invoice.
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